Five poems in CutBank Online, April 2021: "Peace Piece,""Nightmare Exchange," "Games for Children," "Into the Closet," and "Tiresias, Unblind, Plays Chess in Their Spare Time."

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"The Death Jar" reprinted in Autumn Sky Daily, 4 September 2020.

"They Made My Face" in Silver Blade, Issue 47, Fall 2020. Rhysling Nominee for 2020.

"Woods Walk" and four reprinted poems from Such Luck along with a review of Such Luck by Marge Simon as a featured poet in Turtle Island Quarterly 19, Spring/Summer 2020.

"Cold Piano Octave Plus a Fifth" in Writing in a Woman's Voice, 19 August 2020.

"Pending" in Liminality Issue 24, Summer 2020.

"Because the Sky Was My First Friend" and "My Balance Falters in Garusdasana" in DMQ Review, Spring 2020. Nominated for Best of the Net.

"Field Girl" in Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, 22 Apr 2020.

"Fire Escapes," 3rd Prize, 2019 Plough Poetry Prize Competition, 31 Mar 2020.

"Undertow" in Not Very Quiet 20 Mar 2020.

A review of my book, Such Luck, by Ace Boggess in The Pedestal Magazine, Issue 85.

"When We Look into a Lake" in Turtle Island Quarterly, Issue 18, Winter 2020.

"Bad Luck" (6 Nov 2019), "This Glimpse" (5 Nov 2019) and "My Mind Wanders in Shavasana" (15 Jan 2020) in Writing in a Woman's Voice

"Blood Moon" in Polu Texni, 24 Nov 2019. Rhysling Award nominee.

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"Three Uses of We and Reality" an essay on craftin the "Blood and Spades" column of the Horror Writers Association site. (Member access only) Jun 2018.

"Without the Cat" in Eunoia Review, 20 May 2018.

"Coal Crow Shark" (poem) commended in the 2018 Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine contest, Apr 2018. Reprinted in Poetry Nook, 21 June 2019.

"Ezekiel Remembers the Sky" (poem) in Silver Blade, Issue 37, Mar 2018. Includes podcast.

"MRI" (poem) in Songs of Eretz, 20 Mar 2018.

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"I Think They Are Crows" (poem) in The Pedestal Magazine, Issue 81, 21 Dec 2017. Includes podcast.

An interview of me by Bryan Thao Worra on the SpecPo Blog, 14 Nov 2017.

"It Is What It Is" (poem) in Ocotillo Review 2017, Issue 1. Pushcart Prize Nominee.

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Spring 2017.

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"Godmotherless" (poem) in Strange Horizons (23 May 2016). Includes podcast. Also reviewed by Quick Sip.

"The Genius" (poem) in Mithila Review 3 (May 2016). Includes a podcast. This poem was reviewed by Charles Payseur at Quick Sip Reviews.

"Queen Sacrifice" and "Soliloquy of a Bad Haircut" in Illumen 12:2 (Spring 2016).

"I Asked the Alchemist" in the inaugural issue of Bracken (Apr 2016).

"After the Circus Leaves" (poem) in Silver Blade Magazine 29 (Feb 2016).

"Three Ways to Dispose of a Broken Heart" (poem) in Shooter Literary Magazine 3 (Winter 2016). [UK]

"Which Way the Earth?" (poem) in Marathon Literary Review (Feb 2016). (The poem is dedicated to my father, W. R. Backer, who died March 11, 2016.)

" Unfinished" (poem) in The Pedestal Magazine, Issue 77 (Dec 2015).

"Needs and Needles"(nonfiction) in The Intima Crossroads Blog (25 Nov 2015)

"Needle" (poem) in The Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine (Sep 2015)

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"See Through Girls"(poem) in Slink Chunk, (Sep 2015) and "Twisted Stranger"(poem) in Slink Chunk (Oct 2015)

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"Limitless out of the Dusk" (fiction) in Waccamaw Journal (Dec 2014) [Pushcart Prize nominee]

"A Wheel in the Sky" (speculative fiction) in Devilfish Review (Dec 2014)

Essay and 3 poems in Turtle Island Quarterly Issue 6 (Nov 2014)[Pushcart Prize nominee]

"The Witness" (fiction) in SOL: English Writing in Mexico (Oct 2014)

"Postcard from a Past Life Goth" (poem) in Gargoyle #61

"Queenie/Connie" (poefictiontry) in Carve Magazine (Summer 2014)

"Scavenger Hunt"(poem) in Crab Creek Review (2014 Vol. 1)

"The Bar-Girl" (poem) in COLLECT (Summer 2014/Vol. III)

"Bicycle Lotus" (poem) in The Avalon Literary Review (Summer 2014)

"Threshold" (poem) in A cappella Zoo (Issue 12, Spring 2014)

"Spit" (poem) in Arc Poetry Magazine (Summer 2014)

"6th Century Particle Theory" (poem) in The Rialto #80 (June 2014)

"Strip" (poem) in Gemini Magazine (2nd prize, 2014 contest)

"next" (poem) in Mobius Magazine (Summer 2014)

"Replacement" (literary short story) in Read Short Fiction (5/19/14)

"This Is Just to Add" (poem) in Turtle Island Quarterly (Spr 2014)

"Morning Storm" (poem) in Wolf Willow Journal (April 2014)

"Reparation" (science fiction story) in Perihelion (2/12/2014).

"The Nightmare Speaks to Me" (poem) along with an audio recording in The Pedestal Magazine Issue 73. (12/2013)

Interview in The Lightning Room of PANK. (This interview was tough!)

"The Retreat" "Weeder Geese" and "Wasp Nest" (poems) in Turtle Island Quarterly along with a short essay about wasps titled "A Preditor's Dilemma" (12/2013)

"The Seven Deadly Holidays" (humorous nonfiction) in Penduline.

"Evotz2" (experimental poem) in theNewerYork.

"Stamping" and "Pileated Woodpecker" in Blue Bear Review.

"What Crows Don't Know" in Turtle Island Quarterly. [Pushcart Prize nominee 2014]

"What Holds Us" and "What Wasn't" (poems) in The Mayo Review print edition of Spring 2013, pp.3-4. TMR website.

Untitled tanka in Inner Art Journal. (June 2013)

"School Shooter Sues Professor" (fake news humor) in Defenestration.

"Crocodiles in Real Life" "Devil's Food Cake" and "How to Eat a Gun" (poems) in PANK with audio recordings.

"The Potion" (poem) is Asimov's Science Fiction print issue Apr/May 2013, v.37:4&5. ASF website.

"When Soul Mates Meet" (poem) in Journal of Compressed Creative Arts [Pushcart Prize nominee]

"Noise"--a story set in Japan--in Best Fiction

"Electrolysis" and "Puppet Luck" (poems) in A-Minor (Nominated for "Best of the Net 2012" award.)

"Ghost Beech" (poem) in the print edition of ellipsis. . .literature & art, vol. 48 (10/2012)

"Why We Fall for Bad Boys" (poem) in the print edition of Blueline, vol. 33, Spring 2012.

"Flying to LAX" and "Natural Blonde Poachers" (poems) in Hobo Camp Review

Featured poet in Conclave: A Journal of Character (available on Kindle)

Untitled tanka and haiku in Inner Art Journal

"The Failure of Geometry" (poem) along with an audio recording in The Pedestal Magazine Issue 67

"To the Teahouse" (Japan-inspired poem) in Sleet

"Bad Toys" and "Perishable" (poems) in The Brooklyner along with audio recordings.

"Inmates" (poem) in The Montucky Review

"The Green Balloon" (fiction) in The Lorelei Signal

"Gringo Tango" (fiction) in The Pedestal Magazine Issue 63

"Creosote Women" (fiction) in Literary Mama

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