Scavenger Hunt


Published by and available through Dancing Girl Press.


cover art by Kristy Bowen©2018

This collection of 23 poems offers an internal scavenger hunt for readers with a list of items to find as they read. The sorting out of what we can and can't use from what others have rejected becomes a magical mystery tour that travels to Costa Rica and California, to a circus fortune teller and a conscientious scarecrow, time travels to the 6th century and into a past life, takes us inside a chocolate cake, and takes us home. The unrhymed sonnet below opens the book:

Circus Therapy

Before the circus rises on the field
conquering grass with guy wires, stakes, and ropes;
before it breathes through red-striped canvas lungs,
deploying magic cats and elephants
to hypnotize the children, tempting them
to stand between two horses as they run,
or spin on wheels while knife-throwers define
the boundary between bodies and souls,
the fortune teller works the coffee shop.
She writes her orders in symbolic script,
wipes tables, swiping coins and stuffing bits
of whispered gossip in her rolled-up sleeves.
None of them recognize her when,
with crystal ball, she sells them back their lives.

Sara Backer
first published in So to Speak


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